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A Nimble and
Collaborative Team
Focused on the Future

Method to the Madness

Hatch supports the future by exploring and testing practical solutions to complex business problems – linking innovation to measurable outcomes the business cares about, recommending and operationalizing innovative solutions that “move the needle” and help keep Aflac ahead of the curve.

Hatch is both an
Innovation Incubator and
Digital Accelerator...

focused on evaluating emerging technology and accelerating capabilities to improve our customer experience and advance our business model.

Hatch is
an Innovation Incubator

“Push” Innovation:  Researching and evaluating emerging technologies and trends to determine if they can provide value to the business and our customers.

Hatch is
a Digital Accelerator

“Pull” Innovation: Evaluating and introducing innovative capabilities that solve for new or existing business challenges ensuring that Aflac stays ahead of the curve.

Hatch is Not
a Magic Bullet

Our team is not designed to help programs or projects “go faster.” Rather, it’s designed to help the organization gain deeper understanding, develop better solutions that meet customers needs, connect with our business strategy and help inform better business decisions about where to make investments.

Hatch is Not
a One-size-fits-all Solution

Each engagement’s activities and outcomes are unique to each dilemma or opportunity, and so the approach must be too. The key is to use the right ingredients to create the right recipe.

Hatch is Not
a Good Fit for Every Dilemma or Opportunity

Programs, projects and initiatives that are BAU or operational in nature rather than focused on surfacing new customers/products/solutions, breaking down legacy business silos or improving the customer experience should not be considered innovation and, thus, Hatch may not be a good fit.

Turning the Art of the Possible into the Practical and Measurable

Hatch works to understand and define the true problem to be solved – rather than its symptoms – then rapidly prototypes and tests to find the right problem/solution fit prior to handing over validated solutions to the delivery organization for scaled implementation.

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Your Hatch Innovation Team

Katie Webb

VP, Transformation & Innovation & Delivery

Nathan Caballero

Innovation Delivery Lead

Cory Smith

Innovation Delivery Lead

Randy Stephens

Innovation Experience Lead

Trell Simms

Innovation Sr. Portfolio Management Consultant

Derek Talbot

Innovation Delivery Lead

Marc Mitchell

Sr. Consultant, Digital Tech