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Fill out our form and your proposal will be reviewed by the Hatch intake team. If your project is selected for further review, a member of Hatch will reach out to schedule time to talk! But first, does your idea hit on all the points below?

  • Your idea solves a customer pain-point
  • Your idea provides a business opportunity
  • Your idea falls under a current area of focus and/or has support from executive leadership
  • Hatch can operate with full autonomy
  • There is support and capacity from business and technical SMEs
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What problem(s) are we looking to solve or opportunities to capitalize on?

Why are we doing this – for the business and the customer?

What is the value of solving the problem or capitalizing on the opportunity?

What must we solve for to meet the businesses objectives?

Define or describe the desired observable results or changes in business performance or in the customer experience resulting from an event or action this solution could produce?

Who are we creating value for?

Please describe the customers – both internally and externally – who are being served by this solution and what their expected experiences are.

How will our success be measured for both soft and hard metrics?

What is the anticipated value being delivered?

What is the expected value being delivered through this effort to both the customer(s) and the business?  What is the estimated benefit?

Additional context … or things that we might not know or see.

What potential risks, assumptions or dependencies do you feel my be important to know for the success of this effort? What relationships do we need to be aware of or sensitive to? Are there other projects or initiatives addressing this need elsewhere in the organization? Is there any other information, context or history that you feel would be helpful for us to know?

Feel free to upload any documention you think will help us better understand your idea, i.e. Strategic Concept documents.

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